How to create a photo with wordart

This tutorial is for my fearless friends, and anyone else that happens along!  We have all seen them, gorgeous photos with a quote on them.  We may have thought that we have photos that are meaningful to us that we would like to put a quote on.  You can do this using many programs.  I am going to give you the steps do do this with a free program called Picasa.  Once you have downloaded the program, you will have to double click on it to install it.  It will automatically make a short cut on your desk top.

Open Picasa and it will find your photos. Click on the photo you would like to select:

Fullscreen capture 2202014 83252 PM

Double click to have the edit screen open.  You can leave your photo as is, or you can explore the options to crop, adjust contrast or color.

Fullscreen capture 2202014 84427 PM

I adjusted the the contrast and really brightened my photo.  I experimented with the brushes at the top to see if I wanted to turn my photo into a sketch, or black and white, however I really liked the way it looked with the contrast adjustment.  Next I clicked on the text button and added my quote.

Fullscreen capture 2202014 85812 PM

Once you have typed your quote, you can adjust the text box size by placing your cursor on it and changing the width and height until you like the way it looks.  You may then have to adjust the size of the font.  You can also scroll through the fonts until you find one that looks good with your photo and is also easy to read.   You can use several text blocks if you want the words and the author to have two different fonts.  When you are done, you need to click apply, then  at the top click file, save as and give it a new name so you do not change your original file.  If you want to add a copyright symbol and your name or initials, hold down the alt key and type 0169 on windows.  Not sure on a mac.

Here is mine: